What is The Face Tape?

A professional makeup hack that is finally accessible. The Face Tape are non surgical tapes which pull on the eyes creating more space on the lid and a more feline eye shape. A theatrical beauty secret used for years that exaggerates your makeup looks.

How many times can The Face Tape be used?

The Face Tape kit comes with 20 pieces of tape. Each bit of tape can be used once. 

When do you use The Face Tape?

The Face Tape is commonly used amongst the beauty and makeup industry and can be used when ever you want to exaggerate your makeup. Often used for makeup campaigns, tutorials and photo shoots. 

Can The Face Tape be worn during the day/night?

The Face Tape can be worn during the day and night. To be worn over long periods of time it would be recommended to be applied with spirit gum to assure that it stays on. 

How much is The Face Tape?

The Face Tape is £27 and comes with 20 pieces of tape. 

What is your refund policy?

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